Monday, November 8, 2010

Comment from a Satisfied Mediation Client

We recently used Steve Pearl’s mediation services on a very contentious case with excellent results. This was a certified class action with 2,000 class members just two months away from trial.

Steve was able to bring the mediation together and keep both sides motivated and coming back to the table, despite our firm belief that the case would never settle. Steve dealt adroitly with hostile attitudes from some of the participants and corralled the parties into realistic negotiations.

The case would not have settled but for Steve’s follow up and persistence. Steve insisted that the parties come back for a second day of mediation -- even though neither side thought it would resolve the case -- and continued to assist the parties in hammering out the key terms to a settlement that was reached after two full, grueling days of mediation, plus several days of phone calls and emails.

(And to the delight of everyone, we were provided home-baked goodies each day).

I highly recommend Steve as a mediator for any type of case, especially those that require a tough backbone. He can handle the job.

Rene L. Barge
Class Action Litigation Group
Huntington Beach, CA

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