Friday, November 19, 2010

More Comments from Satisfied Clients

I recently mediated a wage-and-hour case with Steven for a very difficult case involving a small business owner faced with a former employee's demand that could have forced her into bankruptcy for her struggling company. Steven showed incredible patience, tenacity, and creativity in getting the matter resolved, even in the face of a very scared and emotional defendant, and a determined former employee and opposing counsel. It wasn't an easy case to resolve, but he did it!

Nancy Yaffe
Partner Fox Rothschild LLP
Los Angeles, CA

My firm recently used Steven G. Pearl, Esq. as a mediator in a wage and hour case. Mr. Pearl is extremely knowledgeable in the area of wage an hour and has the ability of bridging the gap between the parties diverging positions. In this particular case emotions ran high; however, Mr. Pearl was able to deal with the emotions of the parties and got everyone to objectively focus on the potential exposure if the case were to proceed to trial. Mr. Pearl was able to come up with unique settlement options for the parties to consider. Mr. Pearl was not willing to give up until every option was explored and finally after a full day mediation, Mr. Pearl was able to get the parties to settle. Our firm unequivocally recommends Mr. Pearl as a mediator and we will not hesitate to use him again.

Michael Nourmand, Esq.
The Nourmand Law Firm, APC
Los Angeles, CA

Steve Pearl is extremely knowledgeable about labor and employment law. His experience as an attorney and his consistent work as a mediator in this field are invaluable. He is an excellent mediator who can handle and manage very difficult and complex cases and more importantly, relate to a broad spectrum of individuals. Steve’s knowledge of the law, and, most importantly, ability to bring the parties together is truly impressive. Also, through Steve’s skill, creativity, and perseverance, we reached a successful settlement. I recommend his services to any attorney or party, regardless of the subject matter.
Alexander Gareeb
Gareeb Law Group APC
Woodland Hills, CA

Monday, November 8, 2010

Comment from a Satisfied Mediation Client

We recently used Steve Pearl’s mediation services on a very contentious case with excellent results. This was a certified class action with 2,000 class members just two months away from trial.

Steve was able to bring the mediation together and keep both sides motivated and coming back to the table, despite our firm belief that the case would never settle. Steve dealt adroitly with hostile attitudes from some of the participants and corralled the parties into realistic negotiations.

The case would not have settled but for Steve’s follow up and persistence. Steve insisted that the parties come back for a second day of mediation -- even though neither side thought it would resolve the case -- and continued to assist the parties in hammering out the key terms to a settlement that was reached after two full, grueling days of mediation, plus several days of phone calls and emails.

(And to the delight of everyone, we were provided home-baked goodies each day).

I highly recommend Steve as a mediator for any type of case, especially those that require a tough backbone. He can handle the job.

Rene L. Barge
Class Action Litigation Group
Huntington Beach, CA